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M. Anderson from Kaneohe, Hawaii writes:  “...Lefse arrived safe and sound.  Tasted just like my grandmother made on the farm I grew up on, near Granite Falls, Minnesota.  Outstanding lefse!!!  I’ll be ordering more for my brother on Maui for his 88th birthday, July 4th.  Thanks again, I’ll be in touch.”

D. Hundor from Concord, Ohio writes:  “I just wanted to thank you for the extra effort you made last Monday to send the lefse to us.  It arrived on Christmas Eve evening in time for dinner for our expanded family and also friends and their families.  In all, seven families enjoyed this special treat.  For us, it brought back memories of visits to my parents’ homes in the Coon Valley area.”

B. Lundell from Austin, Texas writes:  “I want to thank you for expediting my order for lutefisk, lefse, and lingon berries.  The ordered arrived on December 30th in excellent condition.  You made a Happy Lutefisk New Year for some Texas Swedes.  Your lefse was the best I’ve ever had.  I wish I had taken your advice and ordered the 5 packages.

“We will be a regular customer in the future...”

L. Johnson from Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota writes:  “...You and your company have ‘made my day’ and also made the Johnson Christmas Holiday something special.  With this being the first year our whole family will not be together, your lefse made it to Aviano Air Force Base in Italy in 5 days and in great shape!!  Our daughter is doing her best to simulate our traditional Christmas meal we have had for my 55 years and will be hosting 3 other military couples.  Being Scandinavian myself, a holiday meal must include lefse and you ‘made it happen.’”

R. Thacker from Indianola, Iowa writes:  “Yesterday I received a most welcome box in the mail from my daughter in Plymouth, Minnesota.  I am an old Norsky woman (83 years old), brought up in Northern Iowa on good old Norsky cooking.  This lefse my daughter sent is the most welcome gift I could receive.  A grocery store in our area is also featuring Kingle this year so have purchased some of them.

“...Thanks again for making this Holiday Season one to bring back old memories and good eating each day now.  I don’t know for sure how to spell this next word - Biddah - It is the Norsky word for sandwich & that is what my meal (was) last evening–steamed vegetables, sliced beef & lots of butter all folded in a lefse from Norsland. THANKS!!! “

C. Johnson writes:  “Hi!  Just want to say, ‘You’re right–your lefse Is just like Grandma used to make,’ and I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t had some.  GOOD JOB!!!  ...A satisfied customer...”

B. Thompson writes:   “Good lefse!  Good Service!  Thanks.”

“You already know I tried this year to make our lefse, after my granddaughter stood and said, “There WILL be Lefse, right?”  I failed.  So I ordered it from your company.

“I just opened the box of Lefse from your company, and while I am eating (testing it!  Ha) a flood of the tastes and smells that came from Christmases long ago are overwhelming me.

“It tastes absolutely terrific!  And, it will be shared this evening with my family.

“I just wanted to say Thank you.  Merry Christmas.”

D. Thompson-Sorenson from Denver, Colorado writes:  “To me, Christmas has been based on traditions.  Mom’s mostly, but while she was alive, she kept every single tradition alive.  Now, as the torch has been handed to me, I try to duplicate every touch she felt was so important.