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Viking Helmet without braids, molded plastic, kid-sized

Item #430 - $7.95

Viking Helmet with

braids, gold molded plastic,

for kids and adults

Item #431 - $14.95

Norway Embroidered Cap, Navy

Item #161a - $12.95

Norway Embroidered Cap, Red

Item #161b -  $12.95

“Norsland Lefse” Logo Cap, tan, embroidered with "Ole the Viking," one size fits all

Item #60 - $15.95

Norway Embroidered Stocking Cap, Blue, cozy polyester knit cap with embroidered Norway flag patch

Item #162b -  $9.95

Norway Embroidered Stocking Cap, Red, cozy polyester knit cap with embroidered Norway flag patch

Item #163 - $9.95

Thorvald's "Cream of Lutefisk Soup" Ceramic mug for to lutefisk lover, tall or short

12 oz - Item #429 - $11.95 tall

10 oz - Item 429a - $10.95 short

“Proud to be a Lil’ Norskie” Teddy Bear, 10” white plush toy with mini-T

Item #180 - $9.95

Scandinavian Gifts

Norwegian Flag Mouse Pad - Extra thick with a satin finish, 7.75" X 9.25"

Item #426 - $7.95

Splendor of Norway Calendar - Beautiful photographs and Norwegian names for each day of the year. (Note: Most current calendar available will be sent)

Item #63 - $15.95

"Velkommen" Paper Dinner Napkins - Dinner up with a Scandinavian flair!  Lovely rosemaling design, 7" X 7" - 12 napkins per pkg

Item #68b - $4.95

Uff da! Paper Dinner Napkins - Liven up your table and express yourself!  7" X 7" - 12 napkins per pkg

Item #68a - $4.95

Norsland's Scandinavian Blend Coffee, a hearty, full-bodied blend of Colombian, Nicaraguan and Costa Rican beans with chocolate and spice overtones, leaving a bright impression on the palate, 10 oz

Item #100a - $9.95 Ground coffee

Item #100b - $9.95 Whole bean coffee

Norway Flag License Plate - metal, 6"X12"

Item #427 - $5.95

"Caution! Norwegian Driver" License  Holder, plastic

Item #428 - $3.95

Parking Signs plastic, 8.25" X 12" - $6.95 each

Out of Stock

MASTER LEFSE EATER LICENSE - The "Lefse Lover" in your family will now have the necessary licensure to enjoy Norsland Lefse without restrictions!  8.5" X 11" with metal frame (included) - $7.95

MASTER LEFSE MAKER LICENSE - Lefse making is no easy task!  Reward the lefse maker in your life with this unrestricted license to make lefse.  8.5" X 11" with metal frame (included) - $7.95

UFF DA CLUB MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATE Present this to the "President and Grand Viking" of the Uff Da Club in your home or community. Ascribes the prestigious responsibilities and privileges to the recipient  8.5" X 11" with metal frame (included) - $7.95

WORLD'S GREATEST NORWEGIAN AWARD Entitles your favorite Norwegian honoree the respect he or she deserves--and first place in the lutefisk supper line! 8.5" X 11" with metal frame (included) - $7.95

Achievement Plaques


Scandinavian Suncatchers - Whether you decorate the Christmas tree or just a sunny window, these happy suncatchers are sure to please the Scandinavian in your life. Made of metal and stained glass; suction cups not included.  $5.95 Ea.


Reflective Vinyl Decals

All your favorite sentiments made into Scandinavian decals for your home or vehicle.  Each measures 3.5” X 4.75”  Printed on high quality laminated, waterproof, reflective vinyl stock.  Only $1.95 ea

Vinyl Decals

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"Uff Da" Embroidered Cap, Navy with red embroidery; rugged adult cap with brim for the working man (or woman!)

Item #161c - $12.95

"Uff Da" Embroidered Cap, Red adult cap with white embroidery; Express yourself!

Item #161d - $12.95

"Uff Da" Embroidered Stocking Cap, Navy with red embroidery; Keep warm and "Uff da!"

Item #162a - $9.95

"Uff Da" Tie, Red - 56" Long,4" at widest; multiple "UFF DA" design (see insert below); polyester

Item #161e - $15.95

Norway Flag Tie, Red - 56" Long,4" at widest; multiple Norway flag design (see insert); polyester

Item #161f - $15.95

"Uff Da"
Out of Stock Out of Stock