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Everything Uff Da!

Uff Da! Coffee Mug, 11-oz, ceramic, fill with your favorite beverage for a great way to start your Uff Da! day, Item #64 - $6.95

Uff da! Paper Dinner Napkins - Liven up your table and express yourself!  7" X 7" - 12 napkins per pkg

Item #68a - $4.95

Uff Da! Wine Glass

Ole says, “Perfect for tailgates, shindigs, veddings, and of course lutefisk dinners.  Use the lid so you von't spill your drink.  Not yust for vine!” 16 oz clear Ball Mason glass jar with metal cover and a free Uff da! button

Item #86 - $15.95

Onesie, “What Part of Uff Da Don’t You Understand?” Sizes 12 mo and 24 mo, washable, 100% baby-soft cotton knit, soft rib-knit binding around arm, leg and neck openings, 3-snap closure

Item #451 - $11.95

"Uff Da" Blanket/Throw, embroidered design, polyester fleece, blanket stitched hem.

Item #161g - $19.95

Baby Bib "What Part of Uff Da Don’t You Understand?" Rib-knit binding, washable cotton knit, printed design, adjustable snap fasteners

Item #450 - $7.95

“UFF DA” Button, 2.25" diameter, metal

Item #87 - $1.00

“Uff da!” Refrigerator Magnet, ceramic, 2.25" square

Item #69d - $3.95

“Uff Da!” Golf Ball, Nike regulation golf ball with Uff Da imprint

Item #94 - $3.95 ea

“Uff da” Suncatcher Ornament, Bright acrylic Suncatcher will bring a smile with…Uff da! 3.5” X 4.75”

Item #190 - $5.95

Uff Da License Plate, Metal, 6" X 12"

Item #90 - $8.95

"UFF DA" License Holder, plastic

Item #90b - $3.95

Uff da! Beer Mug, 16 oz clear glass with metal cover

Item #91 - $5.95

Uff da! Shot Glass (black & red) for collectors, 1.75 oz black glass

Item #92a - $6.95  

Uff da! Smashed Mug, bring on the smiles, great for office gifts, ceramic, 11 oz

Item #96 - $10.95

Uff da! Upside-Down Smashed Mug, for your upside-down world! We all know someone who’d appreciate this! Ceramic, 11 oz

Item #97 - $10.95

Blue “Uff Da Happens” Mouse Pad - Blue, extra thick with a satin finish, 7.75" X 9.25"

Item #98 - $7.95

NEW! Red "Uff Da!” Mouse Pad - Red, extra thick with a satin finish, 7.75" X 9.25"

Item #98a - $7.95

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NEW! "Uff da!" 18 oz Norwegian Style Mug  

Blue, ceramic, generously sized

Item #95 - $10.95

NEW! GIANT "Uff da!" Mug, 21 man-sized (or woman-sized) ounces with your favorite Scandinavian saying, white with red lettering

Item #64c - $11.95

Crunchy chips made from Norsland’s famous LEFSE! Here’s a deliciously different, full-bodied snack you’ll LOVE!

Uffda Chips Savory Seasoned Salt made from lefse, sprinkled with salt and savory spices

Item #5a - 6 oz - $6.95

NEW! Item #5aa - 12 oz - $12.95

NEW!  Item #5aaa - 18 oz - $19.95

Uffda Chips Cinnamon and Sugar made from lefse, sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon

Item #5b - 6 oz - $6.95

NEW!  Item #5bb - 12 oz - $12.95

NEW!  Item #5bbb - 18 oz - $19.95

More “Uff Da!

Adult , Infant & Children’s Apparel

"Uff Da" Embroidered Cap, Navy with red embroidery; rugged adult cap with brim for the working man (or woman!)

Item #161c - $12.95

"Uff Da" Embroidered Cap, Red adult cap with white embroidery; Express yourself!

Item #161d - $12.95

"Uff Da" Embroidered Stocking Cap, Navy with red embroidery; Keep warm and "Uff da!"

Item #162a - $9.95

"Uff Da" Tie, Red - 56" Long,4" at widest; multiple "UFF DA" design (see insert below); polyester

Item #161f - $15.95

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