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Budz Potato Pancakes

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We’ve gone all out to bring you the freshest, all-natural, hand-made potato pancakes! You won’t find any pesky preservatives in these delightful morsels...just shredded potatoes, flour, eggs, onions, and our specially-selected seasonings.  

We grill them in canola oil until they’re golden and crispy brown on the outside.  (We leave the inside moist and tender so you can enjoy all that delicate potato flavor.) Then we flash freeze and vacuum seal them to make sure they arrive at your home just as fresh as the day they were made!  

Each 12-oz Pkg Contains 4 Pancakes

Potato Pancakes–Just Like Grandma’s (Maybe even BETTER!) ALL NATURAL! Also Available in Gluten-Free Or Sample ALL of Budz Products, and SAVE!!!

Budz Variety Sampler:

Two 4-packs of Budz Potato Pancakes

Two Budz Potato Crust Breakfast Pizzas

                                     Only $24.95                           

Budz Gluten-Free Variety Sampler:

Two 4-packs of Budz Gluten-Free Potato Pancakes

Two Budz Potato Crust Breakfast Pizzas

                                     Only $24.95

Exclusive from Budz!  Here’s the first ever “Breakfast on a Potato Pizza Crust.” Enjoy a crisp and tender hand-made 6-inch diameter potato pancake topped with cheese sauce, egg, bacon and ham, with shredded cheese over all.  No thawing needed.  Just heat in a standard oven or pizza oven at 400 degrees F. for 12 minutes. It’s like a farm breakfast ready in minutes! There is no other product like this in the US!   

Sold in packs of 3, $19.50 ea; Buy 2 or more packs and save!  Only $16.25 ea

Budz Potato Crust Breakfast Pizza 3-pk

1-3 pkgs

4-6 pkgs

7 or more pkgs

$8.25 ea

$7.75 ea

$6.95 ea

Budz Potato Pancakes Regular or Gluten-Free!

Camping or Grilling - Budz Potato Pancakes are terrific over an open fire or a back yard grill. They won’t fall apart, and that great seasoned potato flavor blends perfectly with steak, pork or chicken. Just store in your cooler.  Ready in minutes!  

“Budz Benedict” - Top a warm Budz Potato Pancake with a slice of hot ham and an over-easy fried egg. Drizzle with your favorite Hollandaise sauce and devour! Here’s a hearty breakfast that’ll get you moving in the morning! Makes a great weekend brunch too!

Battered Fish Side Dish - Budz Potato Pancakes replace any potato side dish, including French Fries, hashbrowns and scalloped or mashed potatoes.  The kids will love the savory flavor, and you’ll appreciate the quick, no-mess, no-fuss preparation.

So many options. . .

Budz Potato Pancakes are a favorite in many cultures.  Whether you’re looking for latkes (Jewish), bramborák (Czechoslavakian), potet pannekake (Norwegian), placek ziemniaczany (Polish), kartoffelpuffer (German), kartoffel pandekage (Danish), or potatisplätt (Swedish), you’ll be pleased you found Budz Potato Pancakes for everyday meal planning or for special family gatherings.

Potato Pancakes - Delicious in any culture. . . Also try. . .

“Budz Shipwreck” - A heated Budz Potato Pancake topped with your favorite sausage gravy

Alone or as a side dish - Top with maple syrup, apple sauce or apple butter, plain butter or sour cream. The possibilities are endless!



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