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Nine DELICIOUS Flavors!

Made with Pure Cane Sugar

In Classic 12 oz Glass Bottles

Creamy Orange - This is the newest flavor in our line up. It was fashioned after the Dreamsicle. It has a refreshing orange flavor with a hint of vanilla.

Orange - The old favorite of kids and adults alike. It has a mellow orange taste guaranteed to put a smile on you face as you reminisce about days gone by.

Lemon Sour - This flavor is very tart and really quenches your thirst on a hot summer day. It also is a great mix with Vodka or Whiskey because there is just enough sweetness to take the bite out of the alcohol.

Cream Soda - Our cream soda is one of the best on the market. It definitely will take you back to your childhood when cream soda’s were dark in color with a noticeable taste of vanilla. This one is also good with a mix of Captain Morgan

Root Beer - This has the classic root beer flavoring with just the right amount of foam. It also makes a fantastic root beer float.

Grape - Like the orange, the grape has that old fashioned feel of days gone by. It is particularly aromatic which make your taste buds water as the cup reaches your lips.

Black Cherry - This is a great soda for the adventurous soul. It has a refreshing cherry flavoring that is just right with a bowl of popcorn. You can also try this with a little Captain Morgan Spiced Rum for a sweet refreshing cocktail.

Rhuberry - Rhubarb + Strawberry make this delicious blend of sweet and tart. Our Rhuberry flavored soda is featured at Rhubarb Festivals in Illinois, Ohio and Minnesota.

Strawberry - Our best seller. It has a crisp strawberry flavor that is great by itself but pour it over ice cream for a unique twist on an old favorite-the ‘float.’

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