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"Ole & Lena, Live Via Satellite" by  Bruce Danielson & Ann Berg - Ole's not as dumb as he looks--no one could be that dumb!  Full of jokes, tales and more, this book will have you rolling with laughter.

Item #70 - $9.95  Paperback

"Ole & Lena, A Stud and a Hot Dish" by Bruce Danielson & Ann Berg - Ole and Lena get mixed up about everything from winter activities to distant relatives, and the results are nothing short of hilarious.  You betcha!

Item #71 - $9.95  Paperback

"Ole & Lena Joke Book" by Red Stangland - Features America's favorite duo with so many lessons for life (several editions, we’ll choose the best one for you)

Item #69g - $3.95 ea  Paperback

"Uff Da Joke Book" by Red Stangland

Scandinavian jokes, poems, cartoons and stories

Item #93 - $3.95 Paperback

"Last Word on Lutefisk" by Gary Legwold - This book provides the most comprehensive collection of facts, fiction and folklore surrounding this infamous fish with the unforgettable scent

Item #50 - $17.95  Paperback

NEW! "Original Scandinavian Recipes" by Julia Peterson Tufford - Features traditional and modern recipes from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland

Item #54 - $9.95  Paperback

"Last Word on Lefse" by Gary Legwold Here's your chance to learn more about lefse.  This book includes recipes, lefse-making tips, corny songs, poems, jokes, classic photos and more

Item #49 - $12.95  Paperback

"91 Ways to Serve Lefse" by Merlin Hoiness - Merlin's light-hearted recipe book is filled with many ideas and lefse combinations

Item #48 - $5.95  Paperback

"The Invention of Lefse" by Larry Woiwode - Here's a family story you'll enjoy year after year.  Share the holiday experience of a poor Norwegian farm girl in the early 20th Century.  Gifts of a little flour, sugar and some potatoes turn a meager family gathering into an unforgettable feast.

Item #41 - $14.95  Hardcover

Scandinavian Twist

"Lefse Song" Sheet Music by Merlin Hoiness, founder of Norsland Lefse. Published by Swan River Press

Item #72a - $2.95

"Lefse Song" CD by Merlin Hoiness, founder of Norsland Lefse

Item #72 - $7.95

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