The Last Toast to Lutefisk!

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The Last Toast to Lutefisk! bursts with humor and sentiment and is a cant-put-it-down kind of book. You will laugh at these toasts and use them for years to add life and color to lutefisk dinnerswhich are already plenty lively (dont ya know). The Last Toast to Lutefisk! will bring out the writer, speaker, dramatist, and humorist within you. These 102 toasts, jokes, and nuggets of history will help you say, in an eloquent or witty way, what youve always wanted to express to your fellow lutefisk lovers. Here is a sampling: Days of ease and nights of pleasure This lutefisk surpasses measure. May your lutefisk be flakier than your friends. To apprehension and lutefisk: Be happy my friend, hang easy and loose Getting tense bout lutefisk is just no use. It goes down, tastes good, and makes you feel well, Providing (ahem) that you get past the smell. Or this timely joke: What are the odds of your church starting its lutefisk dinner at 12:50? About 10 to 1. To lutefisk: It makes a lot of scents! The Last Toast to Lutefisk! is a treasure of a book that will make you and your lutefisk-loving friends blush, reflect, maybe cry, and certainly laugh. So... Heres to cold nights, warm friends, and lutefisk to serve them!