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"O LUTEFISK takes you back to the old days of 50 or 60 years ago and helps you understand life in small town America before TV and other distractions. A real fun book to read." -- Don Cavitt, Minneapolis radio and TV personality If you remember the Ford Model T age when adjusting the spark and the gas preceded hand-cranking the old flivver to get it started... if you get nostalgic over wood smoke... and if you long to hear the lonesome whistle of a steam locomotive... then you share a host of memories with author Red Stangland. Red has authored six Scandinavian joke books and in a Norwegian magazine has been called, "King of the Norwegian Jokes." Red Stangland is an incurable joke collector, especially of those involving Norwegians, Swedes, Danes and Finns. He is also extremely proud of his Norwegian heritage, one of a few remaining Americans whose parents came here in adulthood from Norway. Red is in the business of owning a radio station and publishing joke books along with dispensing funny bumper stickers, greeting cards and T-shirts for Scandinavians who enjoy celebrating their Viking ancestry. A life-long South Dakotan, Red has a native's perception of folk ways and ethnic idioms peculiar to areas in the U.S. with substantial numbers of Scandinavians.