Fish - Matjes Herring Tidbits Klassisk

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Fish - Matjes Herring Tidbits Klassisk
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Abba Matjes Herring Tidbits-Klassisk,  7 oz can
Matjes are young, immature herring that are prized for their tender texture and mild flavor. Abba uses a mild brine that will not overpower the delicate flavor of the fish. Enjoy these Matjes on their own, with sliced cucumber and knackebread, or warm with boiled potatoes. Abba Classic Matjes has a classic seasoning. Herring is stored in barrels in Abba's own caverns until the herring is at its best. Classic matjessill has a given place at midsummer celebrations or eaten as it is together with fresh potatoes, sour cream and chives.

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