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Ski Queen Gjetost Cheese

Combined cow milk and goat milk cheese made in Oslo, Norway - 8.8 oz

Item #14 - $9.95

Ekte Geitost Goat Cheese

100% goat cheese made in Oslo, Norway - 17 oz

Item #13 - $15.95

Jarlsberg Cheese Fine Norwegian skim cheese made in Oslo, Norway - 16 oz

Item #12 - $14.95

Juusto Baked Cheese

A buttery-flavored, flat and squeaky cheese made in Scandinavia for over 200 years - 6 oz

Item #15 - $6.95

Guusto Baked Goat Cheese  Flat, buttery-flavored, fresh and squeaky baked goat cheese inspired by the more traditional Juusto.  6 oz

Item #170 - $6.95

Capriko Cheese  The perfect blend of goat and cow milk; semi-hard cheese with a sweet, nutty flavor.  Table cheese or for cooking.  8 oz

Item #171 - $6.95

“Grumpy Goat” Goat Cheese  Here’s a bold, semi-hard but still creamy goat cheese, cellar-aged over one year for an audacious, robust flavor.  8 oz

Item #172 - $6.95

Feddost Cheese  A blend of goat and cow milk, with a curd infusion of cumin and cloves–an American original with a sweet and spicy flavor. 8 oz

Item #173 - $6.95

Specialty Cheese

Handcrafted in Wisconsin

Imported Cheese

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